I promise to love everything you hate about yourself.

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Anonymous: Homo doesn't mean man. It means same, hence homostasis meaning same state. Homosexual is literally same sex. Likewise hetero means different.

Actually, homo does mean man. The other latin definitions include mortal. Because there is an associated between homo in Latin and Greek, I’m assuming that homosexual is a hybrid of the two. I’m not sure where or what time that would have developed. The latin doesn’t have a specific word for it. Which is probably why homo is also associated with the Greek language. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. 

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Anonymous: Homo means "same" in Greek and "man" in Latin

I know both of these things. But the English language is mostly based from the Latin not the Greek. Either way, the literal translation would still be man. Unless you want to say it’s a hybrid word.

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