I promise to love everything you hate about yourself.

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Anonymous: Noticed all that hate you've been getting because you were racist or something. I'm sorry for all those rude people who are now bullying you for it. It doesn't affect their lives on how you think! Don't let haters bring you down to their level.

The thing is that I’m not racist. They just don’t like what I’m saying. The truth that I speak isn’t what they’ve been taught all these years. Spread love and life.

Dani <3

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Anonymous: Damn you got such an ugly soul. You're such a spiteful negative black racist woman. Gtfo of America if you got such a problem with white folks. Get a 1 way ticket to Africa since you feel so "connected" to there a place you've never been to. You don't know anything about other than what you've heard. You got no real blood relatives there you don't the native languages or eat the same food. Yeah makes sense lmao! And call yourself "African" American? Your hate for white folks is irrelevant.

*sigh* Sweetheart. When you can tell me where I said I hate white people then come back. That was a nice try though. Oh, and by the way, I do have family in Africa. *sips on your white tears* ttyl pumpkin spiceĀ 


Dani <3

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